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We welcome all questions, comments, suggestions and criticisms.  To assist our customers, we have gathered a large amount of information on our web site.  As new information becomes available or relevant questions arise, we revise information on the site to address the new items.  However, the uses for our diamond tools are widely varied and we can not anticipate all questions. 

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Omaha, NE  68127-0668 USA

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sells only to authorized distributors of DiamondSure products.  If you find that DiamondSure products are not available in your area, please contact your local supply store or distributor about carrying DiamondSure products.  Stores and distributors interested in DiamondSure products can request information about becoming a DiamondSure dealer on the following page.

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DiamondSure - Manufacturer of Diamond drill bits and diamond tools for glass, tile, ceramics and stone.

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