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Diamond Drill Bits for tile, stone, glass.

Customer Comments

Below are some representative comments
that were received from actual DiamondSure customers.

AWESOME.  They cut through my porcelain floor like a hot knife through butter!  Thanks for providing such quality bits!  Cliff - Dallas, Texas

Our tile technician tested one of your diamond bits, and it actually put a hole in our hardest Porcelain product.  Thank you for providing a good product that works for us to sell in our store.  Store Manager - North Carolina

I have drilled over 400 holes so far and have not broken any glass!
Bob - Greenwood, South Carolina

Thank you so much!!!  I spent several days buying glass bits, masonry bits and got no where with my porcelain tile.  The diamond bits were wonderful.  I used my battery powered drill and continually sprayed water in the hole.  Thirty-five minutes later, I had my twelve holes drilled, which enabled me to install my shower enclosure and finish my new bathroom.  Paul - Pompano Beach, Florida

Very much impressed with the drill bits.  They cut like a hot knife through butter.  William - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Thanks for the expert advice on cutting a hole in granite, and a wonderful drill bit!  Patricia - Laytonsville, Maryland

Awesome product.  Thanks a ton.  Kelly - Griffin, Georgia

Just wanted to write you a note to say thank you!  The bit worked beautifully!  Lewis - Scarsdale, New York

Best tool I have ever used...  Drilled 25 perfect holes through bottom of wine bottles.  With old tool I was using, I was getting about 1 good hole for every 10 drilled.  Martin - Coal Valley, Illinois

After destroying a few carbide drill bits, carbide rotary saw bits and carbide hole saw bits, I finally did some research on the internet and found references to your web site...  I bought one of your diamond hole saws and followed the advise on your web site.  It cut through the tile like a hot knife through butter and produced an extremely smooth and very professional looking hole.    Keith - Salina, Kansas

How sweet!  The job went so well I can't wait to use them again.  I will recommend your business to everyone.  Henry - Raleigh, North Carolina

That drill bit is the best damn thing I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!
Mark - Cleburne, Texas

Recently I decided to re-tile my bathroom countertop and bought what turned out to be the hardest porcelain tile in the world...  I tried many different masonry bits, carbide tipped drills, Dremel bits, and even a "guaranteed" pointy thing that looked like the 'Ace of Spades'.  All of them failed miserably.  A friend told me I needed a diamond-tipped hole saw.

I just had to take the opportunity to thank you.  Your company certainly delivered a quality product.  My bathroom now has a new countertop and sink, my wife is happy, my hands and arms no longer ache, and my disposition has improved tremendously.  Your tools and use guides are the greatest thing since pop-top beer cans!  Stephen - Parlin, New Jersey

The drill bits work fantastic.  Thank you.  Nick - Marstons Mills, MA




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