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About DiamondSure

is a manufacturing division of Luminare Supply Corporation.  Luminare Supply has been in the diamond tool business since inception in 1989.  Diamond tools were originally sold in the glass and stained glass industries.  In 1997, DiamondSure expanded marketing efforts to also sell diamond tools for general crafting and lapidary (stone) work

The use of Porcelain floor tile in general construction increased significantly during the mid-1990's.  As a result of the increased tile demand, major tile manufacturers developed harder tile designed for reduced wear and long-life.  However, as the new tile products continued to increase in hardness, it became obvious that standard carbide drilling tools were no longer effective on the new "super-hard" tiles and that new and better tools for drilling were required.

DiamondSure worked with one of the major US tile manufacturers to determine the most appropriate diamond tools for drilling the new super-hard floor and wall tile.  After extensive testing, DiamondSure developed a premium all-purpose diamond core drill bit that could effectively drill the new super-hard floor and wall tiles, in addition to being used on stone tile, ceramics, and glass materials.  Considerable efforts were also made to manufacture the diamond bits with high quality standards for a reasonable cost.  The result of DiamondSure's efforts is a Diamond Core Drill Bit with a patented premium design, high production quality and a reasonable price.

sells only to authorized distributors of DiamondSure products.  If you find that DiamondSure products are not available in your area, please contact your local supply store or distributor about carrying DiamondSure products.  Stores and distributors interested in DiamondSure products can contact us via email, below, to obtain additional information about product availability.


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DiamondSure - Manufacturer of Diamond drill bits and diamond tools for glass, tile, ceramics and stone.

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